Wouldn’t this be magical? Being able to take one area of your body say your abs or butt, work on it to make all the fat around that area disappear. This would be fantastic to say the least. Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, with a few tweaks to your workout routine, you can in deed spot reduce but not eliminate fat completely. Burning fats is a process which you need to familiarize yourself with before actually attempting it. Here is how.

Every fat cell has a fat known as triglycerides which muscles normally find a hard time using for energy. As we exercise, we get to break the triglycerides into both free fatty acids and glycerol which subsequently travels through the blood stream and targets the muscles they are providing energy for. These muscles get to use the energy and emits the rest as heat energy hence the name burning fat. Through working out, these fats are broken down throughout our bodies which ideally makes it impossible to target a single body part.

It’s almost impossible to target specific area to spot reduce fat but this does not necessarily mean that those areas will not lose weight first. This normally depends on a number of things one of them being related to your genetic profile. Your genetics is a determining factor because it affects the areas where a person is going to lose weight first and it also depends on where they gained it first. These two go hand in hand because if you gain weight first around your waist, you are most likely going to lose weight from your midsection first.

Our bodies work in such a way that the energy it uses is not normally derived from one body part but instead throughout our entire body. This means that if you want to cut fats from your stomach by doing crunches, your body might use a little bit of fat from your waistline and your thighs as well. This therefore means that if you really want to target fat loss in one specific body part, you need to include a few necessary extra steps into your workout routine.

  • Tone

This basically means that you need to perform exercises that specifically work the muscles of that particular body part where you are attempting to spot reduce. A good example is say, if you want to spot reduce your back of the arm, you can try adding a bit of circuit of dips a few times a week to your routine.

  • Burn

Try going for consistent fat-burning exercises such as doing extreme cardio sessions and intervals. A good way of attempting this is to try and do a mix of slow cardio and high intensity cardiovascular exercises. This can enhance the fat burning process.

Therefore, the shortest answer to whether or not it is possible to spot reduce fat is no but the long answer is yes. You just need to do the right kinds of exercises and your body will react to the same.